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Paleo Friendly Nuts

Prior to this winter, I used to eat only almonds. It is not like I did not know of other types, it just never occurred to me to diversify my palate. BUT they started getting boring for me…the same bland, crunchy, semi-salty nut I have been eating for three years just got old…and one day I bought a container of macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts. I have been combining them together ever since!

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Nuts are overall a wonderful snack to eat on the go, but quantity is quite important here. It is best to stay with the general guideline of one handful. Nuts are packed with calories mostly coming from all of the great fats in them. What I do for school is take a zip lock bag and fill it with a half handful of almonds and a half handful of macadamia nuts and then four Brazil nuts. The Brazil nuts are  large, that is why the quantity is so small.

This combination provides you with an array of nutrients while supplying good fats and protein. It is a great replacement to other non-Paleo snacks and are decently priced. The macadamia nuts you can find in Whole Foods in the circular plastic container for seven dollars, and that provides eight servings. The Brazil nuts are six dollars in the same container, but if you follow my combination then you will have 14 servings.

Do not forget to drink water, too! Nuts tend to make me slightly thirsty so in class I always eat them and have a water bottle with me. This can apply to the workplace as well, since these nuts do not have a strong smell nor do they make much noise when being eaten.

Next time I run to the grocery store I will pick up some hazelnuts and add them into the combination, ending up with a good serving of four different nuts providing many different nutrients. The nuts I mentioned and incorporate into my daily regime aid in a plethora of bodily functions. The sum of their effects can be labeled for simplicity as weight management and improved quality of life.

About Young Caveman

After starting the Paleo diet in my junior year of high school, my entire life has changed. No more acne, no more sickness, and no more having a sub-par body. After all of my great experiences with the Paleo diet, I now present College Paleo to everyone else who wants to learn how to improve their well being.


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  1. i just recently bought some macadamia nuts too! they are great.. although almonds are still number 1 for me! i just dont seem to get sick of them.

    Posted by lovetotrain | January 25, 2012, 1:58 am
  2. i always share your sites post with my friends. keep posting and i will follow you.

    Posted by Adelaide | June 1, 2012, 3:05 pm


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