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Improving Yourself: Beyond the Paleo Diet

The Extra Step When people ask me how long I have been “doing Paleo,” they are always shocked at the length of my commitment. They ask me how I stay motivated for six years, especially as a young adult surrounded by negative influences in college. How am I motivated to live without poisoning myself? For … Continue reading »

Useful Supplements

My opinions on supplements are based solely on my experience. The same ingredient can have different effects on other people. I have found good success with creatine. BSN Cellmass worked really well for me, but I stopped using it once I got 100% strict with avoiding artificial sweeteners. Right now I am using MusclePharm creatine … Continue reading »

LeanGains Fasting Protocol

I recently mentioned LeanGains in the Sunday Sharing series. Now that more than a week has passed since I started, I feel comfortable telling others my opinion on it. This fasting protocol calls for a 16 hour fast and an 8 hour eating period. For women, it is a 14 hour fast and a 10 hour … Continue reading »

Preparation for Finals

For us college students, finals are quickly approaching. We not only have tests, but also papers and group projects. Let me tell you what the Paleo diet can do for you so that you can feel more like that baby above than the stressed out kid. A diet free of grains, refined sugar, beans, soy, … Continue reading »

An Introduction to Fasting

Fasting is the practice of abstaining from food for a certain period of time at your own will. There are many cultures and religions that practice fasting in some way. For the purpose of this post, fasting will be seen as something we can do to heal our bodies. The fast that most people seem to … Continue reading »

Stretch the Spine (and increase your height)

This is an interesting thing I picked up over winter break. I enjoy reading what people may call “far-fetched” articles about little known things that you can do with your body. One such article was about the use of spine stretching to increase height. To keep you interested on this topic, I tried their proposed … Continue reading »

The Plastic Inside You

We interact with plastics on a daily basis; we inadvertently ingest them and apply them on our bodies whether through shampoos or clothing. With such a prevalence in our lives, it is surprising that many people do not take the time to learn about what they are using. As you continue to follow the Paleo diet, you … Continue reading »

Whitening Teeth

Removing stains from teeth can be achieved with the use of baking soda. The frequency with which this can be done depends on your sensitivity, so it will take a bit of testing. I started out doing this twice a day and after three days my teeth started hurting when I ate certain foods. So … Continue reading »

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