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My name is Matthew and I attend college in Boston. One of the most important decisions of my life happened in my junior year of high school. My acne was at its peak (it started in 8th grade) and I got tired of waiting for it to “just go away.” I started reading various articles online and of course was drawn at first to the different sorts of topical applications. After trying three different brands of essentially the same thing…I got lucky by coming across an alternative health website that introduced me to the idea that acne could be solved with diet. And from there it all started; long story short I had clear skin in less than a year. 

In my last year of high school I read up more on Paleo eating and incorporated the principles into my daily routine. The style of eating is quite simple, no man made foods! But I know it can be difficult to start especially since the artificial foods that I (and you) have been raised on are so addicting. I have had almost six years experience (as of 3/2014) with living Paleo. In my freshmen year of college I fully intertwined the Paleo lifestyle into my daily regimen, and that has made all the difference.

Now my entire family lives the Paleo lifestyle. My aging parents have more vitality than they did two decades ago, and are in excellent shape for their age (60+). The human body is so impressive in that it can heal decades of damage; we are extremely durable animals. It has been a great journey learning and experimenting, and through this blog I would like to share what I know with other people who are interested in changing their life for the better!



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